We recently had my sister and her husband visit us from Alaska. While they were here we were able to play tourists in our hometown. We had so much fun and it reminded us why we love living here so much! We had beautiful weather and this time of year we have many events to go to that are really unique to our city.

We hit up the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with our Alaskan visitors.
There are many different showcases that come to town for this annual event and there are many venues to choose from. We have always loved to visit the 22nd Street Mineral & Gem Show. We love this one because it has a lot to offer but is a good size with our little ones in tote. My toddler loves all the dinosaur bones, fossils, and of course all the different rocks!

Our Family at the 22nd Street Mineral and Gem Show with some dinosaur bones behind us!

The 22nd Street showcase is great because its $3 to park and entry is free. We always bring some cash to pick up a few trinkets from our venture which is always fun for my toddler and I am sure Baby B will love it when he gets a little bigger. You can spend a lot of money at these shows if your in the market for some stones to set or a unique piece of jewelry, but we just love to look and see all the different products brought in from around the world. After spending a big part of our afternoon there, we had a great early dinner and walked around downtown to the shops. We ended our adventure with some delicious ice cream from Desert Dream Ice Creamery on 4th Ave. What kinds of things do you love to do in your city that are unique to your area? We would love to hear!

Our trinkets we bought: two dinos carved from stone, a tortoise, and an elephant figurine.

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