Becoming a stay at home mama has been a blessing and through this first year of staying at home with my boys I have seen a whole new side of “mom things”. One that has particularly caught my attention for the last few months has been Loveys. I’m talking stuff animals, or flat ones, things for little ones to love on! I feel like I have seen a whole new culture of collectors and moms (like myself) that want it all for their little ones.

So it began right before Easter. I saw an ad for Slumberkins on my Instagram feed. Cute right? YES! Then I read about them, their stories, and the purpose of each creature. I was hooked! I wanted one for each of my younger guys for Easter, so eventually I gave up the cash and purchased the Slumber Sloth Stuffie for my littliest man and Bigfoot for my 4 year old. I was hesitant to spend the money…I wondered if my little guys would take to them or not.

Well, turned out they loved them too. We read the books constantly and as we have grown our collection the boys have loved each and every book. I turned into a major fanatic of Slumberkins and joined their VIP group and loved the culture of the group and got geeked out like all the other moms for all the new drops. I definitely think this was a gateway to being exposed to more loveys. Now I keep seeing more and more amazingly crafted loveys from these handmade small shops. And you guys, their following is crazy!

I found out how hardcore the Slumberkins fans were when I tried to “score” a jellyfish mini and my newbie hands were not fast enough! Wow, I was impressed with these mamas! I didn’t know their were tricks and hints to make sure you get one of these little treasures. Then I start reading on another group about “cart buddies”. THIS is a real thing, people pair up to make sure they get what they want on these limited edition drops! I don’t know if I have been living in a hole, but my mind has been blown. I have seen some of these plush, lovable things go for upwards of $250 to $300 on buy, sell, trade pages. O-M-Geeee!!!

After being in shock from all this, I have decided to hang my fan girl hat up for a while. I honestly love watching these VIP/ fan pages and seeing all this love for small shops and handmade. For now, I will stick with my Slumberkins addiction. I will sit back and watch all the other cute things drop, be shipped, and be loved on by all these adorable littles. Although, Monster and Eli have definitely caught my eye!

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