Baby B turned the big 1 year old. We celebrated our beautiful, adventurous, charming little boy. I am so thankful for such a wonderful baby. I realized after his birthday that I have been a stay at home mom for 15 months already. The time has definitely flown by! I have kept myself very busy since leaving my more than full time job. Something has hit me lately though.

J started working six, 12 hour shifts. I have started to feel a little lonely. I’ve been yearning for some adult time. I feel like if I have to hear another cry, hear about mighty pups, video games, or school bus shenanigans over and over…I’m going to burst! I just want to have a conversation that is interesting and actually feels like an enjoyable conversation. It would be really nice to have a conversation with someone that loves the same stuff as me, girl stuff! I love my boys and my hubby so much but sometimes I want to talk about purses, target, and fall looks!

I feel like I have resorted to using some of my Facebook groups for this connection which makes me feel a little disconnected from the “real” world. I’m not afraid to admit it now, I need some like minded mom friends! HELP! I don’t know how to make friends now. I thought I met a potential mom friend at the museum last week. She texted me, I texted back, and then nothing. Ugh. I feel like a creep sometimes trying to pick up mom friends! It’s kind of hilarious and kind of totally awkward. (Ever notice how awkward looks awkward?) So the search continues. Now happily accepting all mom friend requests.

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