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The Year of Change

2018 brought many blessings to our new blended family. J and I decided to elope in Alaska after finding out we were expecting, which was magical to say the least. So, J put a ring on it and then we started this journey of marriage together…for the second time. Neither one of us expected our second marriage to come so quickly but sometimes good things happen fast.

Late into the summer of 2018 with a very pregnant and uncomfortable wife, J decided that he should suggest me staying home with the boys. I struggled with leaving my career. I had spent the last eleven years after college dedicating myself to my career in corporate America and I honestly wasn’t sure who I was without my job title. After a lot of contemplating and tears and reading other women’s stories about making this transition, I decided to go for it. I wasn’t sure how or when to break the news to my boss until one day I just blurted it out. Wow! What a feeling of relief and excitement, and oh my god anxiety! Like I said, I wasn’t sure who I was without my job title. I was about to find out! I left the job title behind and settled with a part time position with the company that I had given my last eleven years to. That position and my 3 year old kept me preoccupied until I went on maternity leave.

At the end of October we welcomed the newest member of our family into the world, a beautiful baby boy. This is boy #3 into our blended family and we couldn’t be happier. Since having this little guy I have struggled with the thought of even going back to work part time. I’m having the same issues I had with my first son. Who can take care of my baby as good as me? Who can I trust with this little human? Even if it is only a few days a month, who could do this?!?! No one, it has to be me. So, here I am declaring it out loud to the world I am going to be a full time mommy and that is it. They say smart mamas raise smart babies! I’m excited to see where this journey at home with my two babes takes me and excited to share what I learn along the way.