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Little Treasures

We tend to move through life fast. Caring for an infant, a toddler, and my husband tend to keep me pretty busy. Currently my infant doesn’t want to be put down ever, like not even for 5 minutes. I have decided to just wear him most of the time to at least free up my hands. My toddler is energetic, busy, and always calling for mommy. My husband, I love this man to death, but he can never find the work pants hanging where the work pants are suppose to be hung. (We organized his closet with work clothes and non-work clothes, so this has helped.) We can get so wrapped up in all these little things in life that keep us going non stop.

This is why I love Sundays. The day of the week I know that my hubby will always be home. It’s the day of the week we can take it slow and enjoy each other. My hubby and I can lay in bed and admire these two little perfect boys that through the night ended up in our bed. We can look at these sweet little angels that are off in dream land and sometimes Baby B will smile in his sleep. We can make coffee and breakfast together. We get to run errands on Sunday together or we get to enjoy eating lunch out together. It really doesn’t matter what we do because we are doing it together. We get to appreciate our togetherness and the fun things our boys are learning and doing.

So go ahead and take a day that you ignore that heaping basket of dirty laundry or those dishes from dinner the night before. Take a day you don’t have to do anything, but you get to do things together. Even if its like us and its just fun to go to the grocery store together (and easier with my husband there too). Take in the smiles from your loved ones, the house you’ve made a home, together, and take in all those little treasures.

Down Day

Thursdays are always a little quieter in our house. It’s the day of the week, every week, that my 3 year old son is always at his dad’s house. This day is always a struggle for me, so I call it my down day. Down day can be interpreted two different ways and how we handle that determines how our day will go.

The first way to interpret down day is to be down, sad, and cry at everything. I’m not better than this interpretation of down day, I have done this many times. I will feel sorry for myself and make myself feel like the victim of the situation, of my previous marriage. I know that many parents with joint parenting time feel the same heartache I feel on these days; knowing that I’m not the only one that feels this way helps me on these days. I have to remind myself that my son needs his biological dad too, he needs to know him, he needs to spend time with his grandparents. That is all good for him and what he needs always wins over what mama needs. When I feel like I’m doing what is right for my son that makes me feel a little better too.

The second way to interpret down day is to think of it as a reset day and to reflect on what’s going on in our lives. And now I have a baby B to snuggle with and reflect with on these down days. When I start my day as this kind of down day, my day is much brighter. I reflect on everything I am thankful for and maybe even get a few extra chores done.

Down days aren’t easy but we have to make the most of the cards we have been dealt. We can’t give in and be down and sad on these days because we need to take care of ourselves so we can be the best mamas and daddies that we can be when all our little ones are around. We don’t want our littles to feel bad or guilty when they go to their other parent’s house. That’s not fair for them. Yes, sometimes we will be sad and give into that down day but we don’t have to stay there. This year I AM going to have more down days that I reset and reflect and less down days where I am sad. If I end up having a few sad down days here and there, that’s okay. We have to have a goal and even if we mess up, know we are doing the best we can.

The Year of Change

2018 brought many blessings to our new blended family. J and I decided to elope in Alaska after finding out we were expecting, which was magical to say the least. So, J put a ring on it and then we started this journey of marriage together…for the second time. Neither one of us expected our second marriage to come so quickly but sometimes good things happen fast.

Late into the summer of 2018 with a very pregnant and uncomfortable wife, J decided that he should suggest me staying home with the boys. I struggled with leaving my career. I had spent the last eleven years after college dedicating myself to my career in corporate America and I honestly wasn’t sure who I was without my job title. After a lot of contemplating and tears and reading other women’s stories about making this transition, I decided to go for it. I wasn’t sure how or when to break the news to my boss until one day I just blurted it out. Wow! What a feeling of relief and excitement, and oh my god anxiety! Like I said, I wasn’t sure who I was without my job title. I was about to find out! I left the job title behind and settled with a part time position with the company that I had given my last eleven years to. That position and my 3 year old kept me preoccupied until I went on maternity leave.

At the end of October we welcomed the newest member of our family into the world, a beautiful baby boy. This is boy #3 into our blended family and we couldn’t be happier. Since having this little guy I have struggled with the thought of even going back to work part time. I’m having the same issues I had with my first son. Who can take care of my baby as good as me? Who can I trust with this little human? Even if it is only a few days a month, who could do this?!?! No one, it has to be me. So, here I am declaring it out loud to the world I am going to be a full time mommy and that is it. They say smart mamas raise smart babies! I’m excited to see where this journey at home with my two babes takes me and excited to share what I learn along the way.